Students are required to adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. Purchase the correct materials, books and equipment for each subject and ensure that they are replaced if finished or lost. Covering books in contact is strongly encouraged as it will help them to last longer.

  2. Work in exercise books should be set out as follows:
    • A margin should be ruled down the left hand side of the page and a line ruled across the top of the page in red pen.
    • The page should be dated.
    • A heading indicating the work title or exercises should also be at the top of the page.
    • Work should be set out correctly using the accepted classroom standard for the course.
    • All work should be completed in a neat, orderly and sequential manner.
    • Generally all work will be completed in blue or black pen.  Pencil is acceptable for diagrams and graphs.
    • Straight lines should be made using a ruler.
    • Written errors should be corrected with a single line strike out or using correction tape (no liquid paper or scribbling)
  3. Students are required to keep all of their materials, including their College bag, workbooks, textbooks, pencil case, exercise books, neat, clean and graffiti free.  Failure to keep these items in good condition will result in students being obliged to purchase replacements for any damaged or defaced items.




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