Primary Highlights

Primary Highlights

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Title Published Date
New Play Equipment 09 June 2016
Constable Care Show 27 May 2016
We Always Suspected! 26 May 2016
Primary Deputy Principal 29 April 2016
Farmyard Visit 29 April 2016
Water Fun Day 01 April 2016
Sensory Garden 31 March 2016
Bake Sale 15 March 2016
Big Pig 04 March 2016
Year 7 Camp 04 March 2016


  • Primary Artist of the Fortnight

    Hi my name is Noel Lee.

    I’m in Year 3C and my teacher is Mrs Rankin. I started at ACBC in 2017 and came from Living Waters Lutheran College.

    When I am older I would like to be an Engineer like my Dad who is a Chemical Engineer. Dad is really good at fixing stuff.

    Outside of school I love doing lots of things; diving into the pool on hot days, riding my scooter to the park and having an ice-cream are some of them.

    My favourite subjects would probably be Math and Grammar, even though sometimes I don’t get a ‘B’.

    My favourite colour is BLUE, because there are lots of shades of it and it’s a bright colour.


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