Primary Highlights

Primary Highlights

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Title Published Date
Scitech Excursion 01 August 2017
Principal's Mystery Tour 01 August 2017
Farmers Market 26 July 2017
Backflips at Bounce 23 June 2017
Finney - Year 6 Hero Lifesaver 07 June 2017
Kangaroo vs Riley 07 June 2017
Primary Performance 13 December 2016
6V Video Project 16 September 2016
Inter-House Athletics 09 September 2016
Primary Science Week 18 August 2016


  • Primary Artist of the Fortnight

    Hi my name is Noel Lee.

    I’m in Year 3C and my teacher is Mrs Rankin. I started at ACBC in 2017 and came from Living Waters Lutheran College.

    When I am older I would like to be an Engineer like my Dad who is a Chemical Engineer. Dad is really good at fixing stuff.

    Outside of school I love doing lots of things; diving into the pool on hot days, riding my scooter to the park and having an ice-cream are some of them.

    My favourite subjects would probably be Math and Grammar, even though sometimes I don’t get a ‘B’.

    My favourite colour is BLUE, because there are lots of shades of it and it’s a bright colour.


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