Primary Highlights

Primary Highlights

Hi, my name is DEGAN HENARE. I’m in Year 6V and my teacher is Mrs Balea. I started at ACBC in year 1 and have been here 6 years. I play football for the South Mandurah Football club and would like to be a professional football player for the Eagles. At home I like to play basketball and sometimes computer games.

This is my drawing of a Dragon eye. Can you see it?


Hi, my name is BLAISE VELJACICH. I’m in Year 2V and my teacher is Ms Batten. I started at ACBC in Kindy, in 2014. When I am older I would love to sing and dance, and do Karate. At home I really enjoy sewing things, like library bags and my Grandma helps me. I love Art and my favourite colour is blue.

"The Dream Maker" (Oil Pastels)



Tahiti-Rose Walker.

I’m in Year 1C with Mrs Bond. I started Pre-Primary in 2016. When I’m older I'd like to be a Painter, and play Basketball. At home I like to run around my back yard and colour in pictures. I also help mum sometimes with the washing up.

I really enjoy doing Art with Mrs Tie. My favourite colours are Green and Yellow. I don’t like Red.


Hi, my name is JACK BIRCH.

I’m in Year 1C and my teacher is Mrs Bond. I started at ACBC in Kindy in 2015. At School, I really enjoy Art with Mrs Tie.

I love playing AFL football and when I’m older I'd like to be a football player. At home, I like to play football with my brother Max. My favourite AFL team is the Eagles.

My favourite colour is blue because it is an Eagles Team colour.



Hi, I'm Lilly-Grace Benham. I’m in Year 1C and my teacher is Mrs Bond. I started in Year 1 here at ACBC in Term 1 of this Year I love Art with Mrs Tie. This is a 3-D picture made with paper strips and paint. Yellow, Green, and Blue are my favourite colours.


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