Primary Goings On

Primary Goings On

Hi, my name is JACK BIRCH.

I’m in Year 1C and my teacher is Mrs Bond. I started at ACBC in Kindy in 2015. At School, I really enjoy Art with Mrs Tie.

I love playing AFL football and when I’m older I'd like to be a football player. At home, I like to play football with my brother Max. My favourite AFL team is the Eagles.

My favourite colour is blue because it is an Eagles Team colour.



Tahiti-Rose Walker.

I’m in Year 1C with Mrs Bond. I started Pre-Primary in 2016. When I’m older I'd like to be a Painter, and play Basketball. At home I like to run around my back yard and colour in pictures. I also help mum sometimes with the washing up.

I really enjoy doing Art with Mrs Tie. My favourite colours are Green and Yellow. I don’t like Red.


Hi, my name is Ebony Bocos.

I’m in Year 6V and my teacher is Mrs Balea. I started at ACBC in 2013 in Year 2, after leaving Mandurah Baptist College.

My Dad says I should be a lawyer when I am older but I like helping and teaching others, so maybe teaching others to become teachers or maybe teach dancing.

I love to dance, dance and dance more. I also love to do homework, crochet and play the piano.

I like Sport and Maths at school. Science is my least favourite subject, I don't see its purpose.

I like Red because of its boldness and Purple because it can be gentle and it goes with red!


Hi, I'm Lilly-Grace Benham. I’m in Year 1C and my teacher is Mrs Bond. I started in Year 1 here at ACBC in Term 1 of this Year I love Art with Mrs Tie. This is a 3-D picture made with paper strips and paint. Yellow, Green, and Blue are my favourite colours.


Hi, my name is Tandia Donald.

I’m in Year 1V and my teacher is Mrs Price. I started at ACBC in February this Year in Year 1.

When I’m older I would like to paint people’s nails or be an animal vet.

At home I like to play with my baby sister, Ahrna, she turns 2 this year. We will also be getting a puppy soon!

When I’m at school I love to do art.

Gold is my favourite colour. I think it looks nice next to grey.


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