Chaplaincy is a role that supports the emotional well being of students. While all our staff care for students, the demands of teaching make it difficult for staff to find sustained blocks of time to speak to students one on one. In these cases, the Chaplain is available to offer students one on one support. Chaplaincy is also available to support parents and care givers, offering counselling or practical care over any range of issues. Since ACBC commenced in 2011, parents and care givers have had appointments with the schools Chaplain and found this service beneficial.

Austin Cove has chaplains on both the primary and secondary campus. Mr James Brown is Chaplain for the Primary school (Years 1 to 6) along with Mr Chas Cassey as chaplain in the Secondary School (Years 7 to 12). Student or parents wishing to make an appointment to see a Chaplain can do so through the Student Services office. A Chaplain will then make contact to organise a suitable time to catch up. All appointments are confidential and, excluding special circumstances, occur on school grounds.

Secondary Life

2019 Swimming Carnival

The Austin Cove Baptist College Secondary School Swimming Carnival was a great day out for all recently, at the Mandurah Recreation and Aquatic Centre.

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Student Photography

Photography Students learn all aspects of framing, shutter speeds, lighting, composition, and how to get the best from their camera. Check out some of their amazing work below.


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