Complaints Procedure

Complaints Procedure

Guidelines for Complaints Procedure (Parents)
Austin Cove Baptist College is a community and as such there will be times when parents will wish to make suggestions, may have a complaint or raise a concern that needs addressing. Austin Cove Baptist College takes these issues seriously and welcomes such feedback. The complaints system is outlined briefly below to assist families should such a need occur. Please remember it is our policy that we wish to deal with issues sooner rather than later.
A complaint will be treated as an expression of genuine dissatisfaction that needs a response. We wish to ensure that:

  • Parents wishing to make a complain know how to do so
  • We respond to complaints within a reasonable time and in a courteous efficient way
  • Parents realise that we listen and take complaints seriously
  • We take action where appropriate.

For a detailed outline of our complaints procedure please download:

Guidelines for Complaints Procedure (Students)
Any problem, complaints or suggestions
If so, the school would like to hear.
How do I make a complaint?
By talking about it or by writing it down if you find that easier. You can do it by yourself, or through your parents.
To whom?
To anyone on staff.
Does it matter what the issue is?
No, it can be a big problem or a small problem. By discussing it you may come up with some positive ideas.
What will happen next?
If possible, the staff member will deal with it in person. If not, he or she will go on your behalf to someone who can help.
Do others have to know?
If you are worried about confidentiality, tell the staff, they will understand.
Even if you find the issue hurtful or embarrassing, do not worry, it will only be discussed by staff who can help you.

Complaints Procedure


Secondary Life

Senior Prize Night

The Senior Campus Prize Night was recently held at Lakes Theatre in Mandurah. It was a great night of music, entertainment, speeches, and awards as we celebrated our champions and farewelled our Year 12 Graduates.


Second Storey Lift

Its not everyday you see a classroom take to the skies however, after much preparation, the second storey on the latest secondary classroom block has been lifted into place. After the modules have been secured stairs and rails will be fitted, and then work on the interior fitout will commence.


YohFest Success

The Amazing Mr Steve Capener and his gifted Dance and Drama students recently took on the best from colleges across the State, and managed to secure an Incredible TWO places in the 2017 Yohfest finals! Well Done everyone!


The Three Musketeers - The Last Crusade

It was another incredible college production this year at MANPAC... The Three Musketeers - The Last Crusade!


2017 Inter-School Athletics

Senior Students recent took to the track for the Inter-School Athletics Carnival.

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