Referencing Guide

Referencing Guide

Failing to correctly reference information in an assignment or piece of research equates to plagiarism. Notes should be made for all research assignments and it is essential to always record the details of the sources that are used for this research.

The details of these sources will then be used to make a reference list or bibliography. All entries in this list must be in alphabetical order of the author. Remember an author can be an individual, more than one individual, an organisation, company or government institution.

An example of a reference list:

Reference List

Cotton, K. (2002). Virtual Violence.  The Bulletin, 28 May, p 62.

Dawson, J. and Johnson, K. (2002). Referencing Made Easy. Retrieved October 31, 2005 from

Honeywell, N. (1996), Health and Safety in Sport.Journal of Physical Education, 12(4), pp. 8-9.

Jacoby, A. (Producer) (2004, September 30). Enough Rope With Andrew Denton [Television
Broadcast]. Sydney, NSW: ABC.

Smith, R. and Johnson, K. (1997). Literacy and Language. New York: Teachers College Press.

All facts and ideas that are not the student’s own ideas must be referenced. Specific ideas and direct quotes that are taken from a specific section of the source must be acknowledged using the author, date of publication of the source and the year of publication e.g. (Smith, 1997, p. 33). General ideas that are contained throughout the source only require the author’s name and year of publication e.g. (Smith, 1997).

Referencing Guide

Secondary Life

2018 Year 12 Ball

This years graduating class recently attended their Year 12 Ball. It was a fantastic night and the students looked amazing. Teachers got in on the fun and some wonderful memories were made.


2018 Swimming Carnival

It was a great day at the MARC for the 2018 Senior Swimming Carnival. Staff and students had a ball as the fierce, but friendly, faction rivalry inspired all. As usual, the BBQ was fired up for lunch and students swam before a packed parent gallery.


DVD Now On Sale


Senior Campus Growth

The Senior Campus double-story block is now finished and comes complete with a lift. The new block features large classrooms, science labs, Food Tech, and Workshop Training facilities. Its just a part of the exciting ongoing growth plan at Austin Cove Baptist College. You can see the building project from start to finish in the gallery below.


Classroom in the Sky

Its not everyday you see a classroom take to the skies however, after much preparation, the second storey on the latest secondary classroom block has been lifted into place. After the modules have been secured stairs and rails will be fitted, and then work on the interior fitout will commence.


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