Secondary Principal - Orlando dos Santos

Excellence in education and success in academic achievement is at the heart of my values. As an educator, serving in many roles, I believe that all students need to have the opportunity to succeed in all aspects of school life.

At Austin Cove Baptist College, we will provide the opportunities, the framework, the motivation and the accountability systems to help every student achieve success, regardless of varying abilities and interests.

My message to the young is: 'Believe for the best. Dream big, Do not listen to negatives, and Do not give up until you achieve your goals... then set new ones!'

At Austin Cove Baptist College, we want to offer hope in the future by giving opportunity for the present.

I have dedicated the last 32 years to developing and living out my personal vision and mission. Much of it is Christian-based, however, put simply, my personal mission is: 'Seeking to make others successful.' I constantly ask myself, 'Are we helping those around us to achieve their goals?'

I desire to teach others to never give up, to always see themselves in a positive light, to dream big dreams, to always be content but seldom satisfied, to reach higher, to believe the best of themselves and to see the good in other people; to realise that yesterday ended last night and today is a brand new day with fresh vision and new possibilities.

We learn from the past, we are focused on the present and optimistic about the future.

At Austin Cove Baptist College, we want all students to discover their DNA, their true potential. We want them to dream about a better future, we want them to know that they have intrinsic value, that they are champions and winners. Even when times get tough - their DNA, their blueprint, their design as winners will shine through!

At Austin Cove Baptist College, we believe that each student is special and has been uniquely designed. Each student has potential. Our aim is to help each student realise their potential. Our nature, or DNA at the College, is to encourage and equip students for the future.

May the opportunities at Austin Cove Baptist College allow the potential of our students to shine as winners as we Run this Race for another successful year.

We teach our students time management and help them prioritise their values and activities. As a consequence, many students improve in balancing their school, social and sporting priorities.

They speak words like respect; they understand the focus on positive speech and live out words like courage and persistence. Students know that their words convert into actions. When actions are repeated over time, they become habits which will ultimately define their character and determine their destiny. Who students become is developed in the darkroom of their Chrysalis.

Mr Orlando dos Santos
Principal - Secondary School

'Austin Cove Baptist College – Where quality is not achieved by chance.'

Secondary Life

2018 Year 12 Ball

This years graduating class recently attended their Year 12 Ball. It was a fantastic night and the students looked amazing. Teachers got in on the fun and some wonderful memories were made.


2018 Swimming Carnival

It was a great day at the MARC for the 2018 Senior Swimming Carnival. Staff and students had a ball as the fierce, but friendly, faction rivalry inspired all. As usual, the BBQ was fired up for lunch and students swam before a packed parent gallery.


DVD Now On Sale


Senior Campus Growth

The Senior Campus double-story block is now finished and comes complete with a lift. The new block features large classrooms, science labs, Food Tech, and Workshop Training facilities. Its just a part of the exciting ongoing growth plan at Austin Cove Baptist College. You can see the building project from start to finish in the gallery below.


Senior Prize Night

The Senior Campus Prize Night was recently held at Lakes Theatre in Mandurah. It was a great night of music, entertainment, speeches, and awards as we celebrated our champions and farewelled our Year 12 Graduates.


Secondary Memories

College Photo

The Historic 2016 Final Primary and Secondary College photo... the last  one taken when the two colleges shared the original Inlet Blvd. campus.



Historic Moment

Federal member for Canning Andrew Hastie, with Austin Cove Baptist College Secondary Principal Orlando dos Santos, cutting the ribbon to offically declare the permanent College Campus Open!


What a Cake!

The cutting of the Graduation Cake maked the start of another exciting chapter in the lives our 2016 Year 12 Students.



After an emotional ceremony, and flanked by remaining students, last years' gradutes walk Victory Way for the last time as students.


Betty Cuthbert - Champion

World Champion, Australian Icon and Friend of The College "Golden Girl" Betty Cuthbert was farewelled at the Mandurah Performing Arts Centre recently.

Betty has been a much loved figure in The Peel and been a huge inspiration to many generations the world over... including Austin Cove Baptist College students. Cuthbert House colour is, appropiately, Gold!

A deeply spiritual person, Betty took every opportunity to share her faith in Jesus.

"My salvation was a free gift. I didn't have to work for it and it's better than any gold medal that I've ever won." - Betty Cuthbert

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