Assessments and Feedback

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Assessments and Feedback

Core Subject Overviews

The Core Subject Overviews are provided for parent reference. They give an overview of the various topics covered during the semester as well as outlining the timing of assessments: when assessment tasks are given and when they are due. Please be advised that the timing for some topics and assessments may change due to unforeseen circumstances.

Austin Cove Baptist College is committed to communication with parents regarding the academic progress of each student.  The Academic Focus Flowchart (AFF) outlines the procedures followed for assessment at the College.

Under normal circumstances, assessments will be returned to students with a mark and appropriate feedback within seven days of the assessment being collected.  An Assessment Feedback Letter (AFL) will also be given to the student at this time.  A stamp is placed in the student diary to inform parents of this.  The AFL contains a section for parents to sign and return with the student to the class teacher.  Parents/guardians may also wish to comment on the assessment in the space provided.

Academic Focus Flow Chart

Academic Assessment Flow Chart

Assessment Feedback Letters (AFLs)

Important information below:

Formal and Informal Assessments

Assessment Guidelines


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