Assessments and Feedback


Formal examinations are completed by students throughout their secondary education at the College.   Examinations for students in Year 7 to 10 are in the in the Core Subjects (English, Maths, Science and SOSE)  and help to prepare students for their future education where more emphasis is placed on the completion of formal assessment within time constraints, as well as prepare them for the Upper Secondary external examinations.  Examinations are completed at the end of Semester One and Semester Two.

The following times generally apply to examinations in the Lower Secondary School:

Year 7             1 to 1.5 hours

Year 8             1.5 hours

Year 9             2 hours

Year 10           2 hours

Year 11           2.5 hours

Year 12           3 hours

The examination timetable and a copy of the examination rules are given to students in ample time for exam preparation.  Normally, students are given a preparation and revision time for a week before exams.  This week before exams is assessment free with the exception of some Elective subjects which may still be finishing extended pieces of work during class time.

If a student is absent from an exam, a Medical Certificate is required.  Arrangements can be made for absent students to complete exams on their return to school.  Students who miss the exam period altogether may still be required to complete the exams for the educational benefit including feedback and an examination mark.

The central focus of the Assessment Policy and the conduct of Academic Learning at Austin Cove Baptist College is WIN:

Work hard

Infuse Urgency

Never give up

Students are encouraged to show their courage and persistence by trying their best at all times; working hard and persisting with tasks even when the work is challenging. Students reflect a respect for themselves, their teacher and learning when they see the task as important.  This helps students to infuse urgency i.e. seeing that a task is important and therefore be starting the task immediately rather than leaving it to the last minute.

There is also provision in each of the Lower School Year levels to place students in classes that will either extend their academic ability by giving them extra challenges related to the curriculum; or enrich their learning especially in literacy and numeracy through learning support.  This division into Extension or Enrichment courses is normally done after the first set of Semester exams.

Testing is also completed in comprehension, spelling and vocabulary at the beginning of the year.  This helps staff identify students’ abilities in reading and general literacy.

Secondary Life

2018 Year 12 Ball

This years graduating class recently attended their Year 12 Ball. It was a fantastic night and the students looked amazing. Teachers got in on the fun and some wonderful memories were made.


2018 Swimming Carnival

It was a great day at the MARC for the 2018 Senior Swimming Carnival. Staff and students had a ball as the fierce, but friendly, faction rivalry inspired all. As usual, the BBQ was fired up for lunch and students swam before a packed parent gallery.


DVD Now On Sale


Senior Campus Growth

The Senior Campus double-story block is now finished and comes complete with a lift. The new block features large classrooms, science labs, Food Tech, and Workshop Training facilities. Its just a part of the exciting ongoing growth plan at Austin Cove Baptist College. You can see the building project from start to finish in the gallery below.


Senior Prize Night

The Senior Campus Prize Night was recently held at Lakes Theatre in Mandurah. It was a great night of music, entertainment, speeches, and awards as we celebrated our champions and farewelled our Year 12 Graduates.


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