Academic Platform


Academic Overview

In providing a smooth and unified education system, there are a variety of courses on offer for secondary school students. These cater for individual abilities and interests as well as equipping students for the ever changing and specialised world that they will enter as they leave school. This academic platform will allow Austin Cove Baptist College students to experience success and help them compete in specific areas of excellence.


The curriculum will focus on the eight learning areas.

The following areas form the basis of the curriculum: Mathematics, English, Science, Humanities and Social Sciences, Health and Physical Education, The Arts and Technologies. Within these Learning Areas there are a variety of Courses including Backstage and Production, Drama,  Food Science & Technology, Information Technology, Media, Outdoor Education, Visual Arts and Woodwork.


Academic Structure

The Deputy Principal - Curriculum and Heads of Department coordinate the curriculum content and assessment processes across the College, within the School Curriculum and Standards Authority framework.

Students at Austin Cove Baptist may enter University, TAFE or direct employment at the completion of Year 12, so the curriculum is designed to both extend and enrich student’s learning throughout Years 7 to 10.


Head of Departments







Mr Jimmi Phangestu

Mrs Kellie King

Mr Mark Holdsworth

Mr Jason Devereux

Mrs Rebekah Bezant

Mr Kea Levison

Head of Mathematics

Head of English

Head of Science

Head of Humanities

Head of Health and Physical Education 

Head of The Arts