Secondary w/c 6.6.16

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Hi, I’m Orlando dos Santos, Secondary Principal Austin Cove Baptist College. Each week we have a quote and a scripture in our student diary which helps us focus on an element of our College culture. John Wooden was one of the best College Basketball Coaches of all time. He led teams to victory consistently based on his belief that we need to know the difference between our strengths and weaknesses and focus on developing our strengths. He said ‘Don’t let what you can’t do interfere with what you can do’. We all have weaknesses, failures, inabilities and incompetencies. We are often glaringly aware of insufficiencies. We compare ourselves with others. As a result we feel like failures, we feel inept and less than adequate. The sad reality is, we contaminate our area of strength by believing that we can’t do anything well. We, as John Wooden says ‘Let what we can’t do interfere with what we can do’ It is suggested that 80% of people are in careers that they don’t like or are not really satisfied with. They chose these careers by following the well trodden path of their parents or public opinion. They feel inadequate and have little job satisfaction. They have never taken the time to focus on what matters most to them. They look and follow everyone else’s pathways and don’t walk in their strengths and the pathways that they were designed for. When we take time to focus on what we can do well and work on it we will experience a great sense of peace and satisfaction because we are working on our strengths rather than being left behind by our weaknesses. As the Good Book says “In God I trust, I will not be afraid”

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