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Each week as I welcome you, I present to you a short motivation called ‘What’s On’ based on quotes from this week’s College Diary. I’m Orlando dos Santos, Secondary Principal of Austin Cove Baptist College. Babe Ruth the famous baseball player said “Never let the fear of striking out get in your way” One of the best examples I know of is the story of Arnold Schwarzenegger Born in Austria, his Dad was a police officer and very strict, he only ever wanted the best for his son. Arnold saw a picture of Hercules on the front of a magazine and decided thats what he wanted to do. His Dad wanted to protect him and sent him to the military at the age of 18. But Arnold decided “Here’s the goal and whatever it takes to get there I will do it” When everyone went to sleep, he worked out three hours a night, between that time and 5 am when hey had to go for their morning run. There were no weights, he had to invent weights; chair lifts. He had a clear goal and he told himself each day “whatever it takes, whatever it takes, whatever it takes to get there, I will do it” He felt that he had to enter the body building competition in Sturtgard, Germany. So at the age of 18 he ran away, he went AWOL. He could face prison, but if he was going to go out and be the best in the world he had to enter and win the under 18 competition. He had his own mindset and had to break past the mindset of others. He had a vision, a goal of going to America, winning the Mr Universe contest, getting into movies and making millions of dollars, no one else thought like that. He spoke to himself “focus” and “visualise – see yourself standing there” And that’s what he did! He knew he had to go. He escaped on a freight train. He had to borrow another competitors trunks. He won the Mr Europe tournament. When he got back, he was caught. He had to pay the price. He was just in solitary confinement. But he kept his eye on the vision. The army then built him weights so he could train. He trained at every opportunity. When he wanted to get into acting, everyone said “No”. He was ridiculed. They said “You have an accent and a body that’s too big and a name that is too long to pronounce”. He had ‘no’s’ all through his life. But he said ‘No, I can’. He used what he learnt as a blueprint for the rest of his life and created 6 rules for him and us to live by. Next week I will tell you what they are. He had vision and he was prepared ‘whatever it takes’. Are you and I prepared to do whatever it takes? Here’s what’s coming up.

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