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Last term I told you about the amazing story of Sylvester Stallone, it’s an inspiring story of life. How it seems that no matter how hard we push, the shut doors stay shut. Lots of people around you are waiting for you to fall; they want you to give up on your dreams as though it’s some kind of victory for them. But keep dreaming. Keep working hard. No matter how big you dream, your dreams will only become real when hard work is applied to that dream. There is no substitute for hard work. We all like the Lotto mentality. ‘One power ball and I’m out of here’. But the reality is that luck comes to very few. And then they often don’t have the discipline to be wise. You and I have heard so many stories of winners ‘losing it all’. ‘Dream big’, but ‘hard work’ and ‘self belief’ are the ingredients you and I will need to see our dreams become a reality. Recently, I was reading the story of Arnold Schwarzenegger. He achieved all that he did through the principles of hard work and self belief and next week it’ll be my pleasure to share that story with you, but in the meantime remember the Bible verse from this week’s Student Diary “The Lord is good to those who have put their hope in Him. He is good to those who look to Him for help” – Lamentations 3:25 A couple of years ago we dreamed of having our own radio station. Many said it couldn’t be done. We employed Mr Peter Jackson, a well known local identity and he helped us achieve our dream. Today we have two radio stations 87.6fm and 88fm broadcasting to the Peel Region. Our station Manager, Claudia Bakitch is a Year 10 student. Check us out on 87.6FM and 88FM. The voice of Austin Cove. Remember, when many say ‘it can’t be done’ to listen to your heart because it can be done. The quote in this week’s College Diary is by John Maxwell who states “People who reach their potential spend more time asking “What am I doing well?” rather than, “What am I doing wrong?” What are you doing well? Take it to the next level. That’s what we’ve done with the production, ‘Neverland’. Don’t forget to get your tickets at only $15.00. That’s still the best value around. This year, the show ‘Neverland’, promises to be bigger and better than the last one. Let’s take everything we do to the next level.

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