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Hullo, My name is Keith Newby and as the Primary Principal at Austin Cove Baptist College it is my pleasure to provide you with up to date information about events in the life of our school. This past Wednesday we commemorated ANZAC Day with a special assembly featuring our school choir. The program was ably led by our school leadership team and is an important event in our College as we remember the sacrifice many men and women made to provide us with the wonderful freedom we enjoy. Freedom such as being able to choose and attend an Independent school such as Austin Cove. On Tuesday both Year One classes paid a visit to the Bunnings store in Mandurah where they were introduced to the huge variety of vegetable seedlings they could plant in their garden beds back at school. The students came away with a wonderful selection of plants and other items to assist with their garden project – all generously provided free of change by the Bunnings Team. I’m looking forward to some really healthy soups and salads in the days to come… and thank you Bunnings. Our Kindergarten students enjoyed a visit from ‘Farm Yard Friends’ today. Ducks, chickens, lambs, piglets and even a llama. Of great excitement was the escaped goat which jumped a fence hotly pursued by one of the Dads. Never a dull moment in Kindy. Next week school photos will be taken. On Monday it will include Kindergarten Blue group and a whole College photo. On Thursday it will be Kindy Red Group’s turn and the Primary School. Full winter uniform is required on Thursday for the class photos for all Years 1 to 6. This includes the school jumper please. Please be reminded of our annual Mother’s Day stall which will be operating in school on Wednesday 4th May and Thursday 5th May. Forms have gone home in the students’ diary. This is a great opportunity for students to purchase a low cost but thoughtful gift for their mother for that special coming Sunday. On Friday 6 May the Year Six students will be travelling to the Perth Houses of Parliament as part of their learning about Civics and Citizenship. Hello. I am Janine Venter, the Deputy Principal for Curriculum at the Primary School. My role is to support teachers in offering a good quality education to all the students at Austin Cove Baptist College. I am passionate about my role and believes all students – whether they are high, low or average academic achievers – need to be included in the educational programmes at our school. To ensure we cater for students of different abilities, we have standardised tests during Term 1 and Term 3 of each year. These tests give me a snapshot of the achievements and abilities of the students in the different year levels. It also gives me the opportunity to see which of the students in the Primary School need support or extension in Literacy and/or Numeracy. In Year 1 and 2 we try our best not to disrupt the students’ in-class learning and extension classes will only be offered in extraordinary situations. On the other hand, these years are crucial for the intervention and support of students who finds learning a bit more challenging, so intervention will be offered during these years. I frequently receive questions regarding standardised testing. Why do we test our students? Standardised tests give teachers and the management team the opportunity to evaluate and improve the school. It supports our planning and programming and ensure we target the areas that needs improvement. Due to Swimming Lessons at the start of the year, our standardised tests and therefore our intervention program started a bit later than previous years. The extension and support groups will start in Week 2. When a class has several students who are performing below the expected level in a certain area, an additional educator will join the class during a Literacy and/or Numeracy session to support the teacher in offering a high quality education. The additional educator will work with smaller groups of students under the guidance of the classroom teacher and reinforce important concepts that students were unable to grasp during the whole-class teaching. The repetition of concepts will encourage and support students who may find learning more challenging. In some cases individuals or small groups of students will be taken out of the class and support in Literacy and/or Numeracy will be offered. Similarly students who are Gifted and Talented will have the opportunity to work with mind-like students on activities outside the general education program. These activities will give students the opportunity to use their advanced planning skills, imagination and problem solving skills. As you can see there are many opportunities for our students to develop to the best of their ability. Regular classroom programs also cater for a range of abilities whenever possible. Most lessons are structured in such a way that there are core activities (which the majority of students will complete), extension activities (which are set to be challenging for those more capable students) and modified activities (for those students that require extra support). We are always on the lookout for ways to extend, support or challenge our students. The staff at Austin Cove Baptist College will help your children to see their potential and believe in the greatness they have within. As a staff at Austin Cove Baptist College we try our best to create a classroom where your child can feel safe and not afraid to try. We realise that a student can achieve so much more when they feel secure, valued and loved. We want each of them to believe in themselves and have a sense of pride. We will encourage them to make choices on their own, learn to become more responsible until they are able to stand alone. We want to teach them to be strong and think for themselves. We would love to enable your child to become much more than they ever imagined and we would love to take your hands as parents and work together as a team.

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