Healthy Eating (Primary)

All schools should promote and model healthy eating and good nutrition in school programs and activities relating to or involving food and drink.

With the increasing awareness as to the effect of sugar on general health, and in many cases, children’s behaviour, it is important that the Primary School has a clear and consistent policy on how we address this issue. In addition, in line with the school’s Health Curriculum some advice and counsel to parents on curbing sugary and preservative laden foods in children’s lunches and snacks may also be appropriate.

Healthy Eating Policy (Primary)






We firmly enforce our anti-Bully Policy! We are adamant that students have a right to learn in an environment free from intimidation and harassment

Austin Cove Baptist College’s approach to bullying falls into 3 categories:


Early intervention

Intensive intervention

Austin Cove Baptist College aims to address the problem of bullying and aims to provide sound support structures for victims of bullying. All staff of the College have a duty of care to students, ensuring a safe and non-threatening environment for all students.



Electronics and Mobile Phone

The College recognises the fact that there are times when it is genuinely appropriate for students to carry mobile phones to and from school in case of emergency.  Whilst at school contact with parents or by parents needs to be made via the phones in Student Services. 

Students may also prefer to listen to music whilst travelling to and from school by bus.  It is not necessary, however, for students to have access to I-pods and other electronic devices, including mobile phones, during school hours.

The College reminds parents and students that electronic devices and mobile phones are expensive items and are often a highly prized target for theft.  It is advisable for expensive electronic devices and mobile phones to be insured as personal property.  Mobile phones are also often a means of intimidating or bullying other members of the College community.

For this reason mobile phones and other electronic devices are collected by teachers during the morning Form period and returned during the afternoon Form period.  Each student is given a padded post bag in which to store their phone and other devices.  This bag must be clearly labelled with the student’s full name.  The bags are then locked away for the day for safe keeping.

Code of Conduct (Primary)

Code of Conduct (Secondary)

College Uniform

Austin Cove Baptist College has a uniform code which states that all students who attend the College will be required to wear the correct College uniform in a neat, clean and well presented manner.  All students are required to wear the uniform in a manner which is a credit to both the student and the College.

This uniform policy is seen as contributing to:

i.     Improving morale, community spirit and pride in the College.

ii.    Ensuring that students are safely and appropriately dressed for College activities.

iii.   Encouraging equity amongst students and therefore reducing rivalry.

iv.  Identifying non-College students/children who may be visiting the College campus.

v.   Fostering and enhancing the public image of the College.

All items of the College uniform are available through the Uniform Shop with the exception of shoes.

Uniform Policy

Complaints Procedure

Guidelines for Complaints Procedure (Parents)
Austin Cove Baptist College is a community and as such there will be times when parents will wish to make suggestions, may have a complaint or raise a concern that needs addressing. Austin Cove Baptist College takes these issues seriously and welcomes such feedback. The complaints system is outlined briefly below to assist families should such a need occur. Please remember it is our policy that we wish to deal with issues sooner rather than later.
A complaint will be treated as an expression of genuine dissatisfaction that needs a response. We wish to ensure that:

  • Parents wishing to make a complain know how to do so
  • We respond to complaints within a reasonable time and in a courteous efficient way
  • Parents realise that we listen and take complaints seriously
  • We take action where appropriate.

For a detailed outline of our complaints procedure please download:

Guidelines for Complaints Procedure (Students)
Any problem, complaints or suggestions
If so, the school would like to hear.
How do I make a complaint?
By talking about it or by writing it down if you find that easier. You can do it by yourself, or through your parents.
To whom?
To anyone on staff.
Does it matter what the issue is?
No, it can be a big problem or a small problem. By discussing it you may come up with some positive ideas.
What will happen next?
If possible, the staff member will deal with it in person. If not, he or she will go on your behalf to someone who can help.
Do others have to know?
If you are worried about confidentiality, tell the staff, they will understand.
Even if you find the issue hurtful or embarrassing, do not worry, it will only be discussed by staff who can help you.

Complaints Procedure


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