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Healthy Eating (Primary)

All schools should promote and model healthy eating and good nutrition in school programs and activities relating to or involving food and drink.

With the increasing awareness as to the effect of sugar on general health, and in many cases, children’s behaviour, it is important that the Primary School has a clear and consistent policy on how we address this issue. In addition, in line with the school’s Health Curriculum some advice and counsel to parents on curbing sugary and preservative laden foods in children’s lunches and snacks may also be appropriate.

Healthy Eating Policy (Primary)






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We firmly enforce our anti-Bully Policy! We are adamant that students have a right to learn in an environment free from intimidation and harassment

Austin Cove Baptist College’s approach to bullying falls into 3 categories:


Early intervention

Intensive intervention

Austin Cove Baptist College aims to address the problem of bullying and aims to provide sound support structures for victims of bullying. All staff of the College have a duty of care to students, ensuring a safe and non-threatening environment for all students.



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