As temperatures soar, the College is taking action to ensure all students remain safe despite the heat.
In response to frequently asked questions please note the following:
  • In the event of the 37 - 41 plus degree days, we will NOT be sending children home early. Remaining in our air-conditioned classrooms is a safer and more practical response until home time.


  • Teachers always encourage the drinking of water and students will be encouraged to regularly do so.

  • Sport & PE activities are replaced by swimming lessons for the next two weeks so children will be in either the pool or airconditioned buses during those times. (The Principal is going to join them I think!!!)


  • At other times of peak hot weather please be aware that the use of the undercover areas for sport lessons minimises the exposure to sun and heat when necessary.


Recess and lunch times are closely supervised and teachers will ensure that students are directed to the undercover areas or even possibly classrooms should it be determined necessary... and of course, we continue our policy of 'No Hat - No Play in the Sun'


As parents you can assist us by:
  • Ensuring your child has a water bottle at school.
  • Avoiding sugary drinks in school recess and lunch boxes.
  • Checking your child has a school hat at school.

Please be assured that we have the health and well being of our students always foremost in our minds and I am confident that next week students will be able to continue their education in a comfortable and safe environment.

 Excitement is building with the release of the concepts plans for the new College,  to be built just a kilometre south of the current school location. Progress is beginning to impact us with the temporary college access roads now closed for formal construction. This means a change to the way we enter and exit the campus. Lets try hard to be patient and courteous as we all get used to the changes.

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