At Austin Cove Baptist College, we will provide the opportunities, the framework, the motivation and the accountability systems to help every student achieve success, regardless of varying abilities and interests. We believe that each student is special and has been uniquely designed, and that each student has amazing potential! Our aim is to help each student realise this potential. Our nature, or DNA at the College, is to encourage and equip students for the future.

The opportunities at Austin Cove Baptist College allow the potential of our students to shine as winners as we Run this Race for another successful year.

Secondary Principal

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Why do I have a passion for Austin Cove Baptist College?

Because of the people – colleagues I work with every day, young people who bring this place to life and our extended family – parents and friends. We are all unique and this fact makes us stronger and challenges us daily.

We do not claim to be perfect, but strive to make school as safe, educational, personal and supportive as possible. Everyone should have the opportunity to learn free from distraction in a safe and supportive environment, leading to the development of true character in having integrity, being respectful, hard working, supportive and caring.

We are all on the same journey – to become the best we can be, what we were created to be.

To Him be the glory, now and forever.

Mr Paul Venter

Principal - Secondary School

Austin Cove Baptist College in South Yunderup, a co-educational college, commenced in February 2011. The College is situated in the Austin Lakes development just east of Mandurah and provides a high standard of education in a safe, caring and positive environment within a Christian context.


The College began with 351 students in February 2011 from Kindergarten to Year 8 and has quickly grown to 630 students from Kindergarten to Year 11. The College has progressed to Year 12 in 2015. When fully developed we wille will cater for 450 students in the Primary School and 760 students in the Secondary school.

The College Motto, "Run With Endurance", comes from a larger statement, "...let us run with endurance the race that is set before us..."(Hebrews 12:1) and relates to the journey that students have to undertake during their school years. At Austin Cove Baptist College, Parents, Teachers and Students are a dedicated team to help every student achieve success. "Quality is Not Achieved By Chance!"


Primary Principal

Austin Cove Baptist College is an educational community where we like to be known as “Two Schools – One College” – a College in which students can journey from Kindergarten right through to graduation at the completion of Year Twelve. The Primary School is a growing family of approximately 335 students of double streamed Kindergarten to Year Six classes.  

Choosing a school is a big decision not only because of the possible expense involved but because a school has such a significant role to play in the development of a child; five days a week for 40 weeks of the year and for up to 13 years.  It is a big investment and parents need to know that the school of their choosing is the destination that is best for their family.

As a professional team of educators and administrators we are here to serve in an environment in which teachers are expected to have the opportunity to teach and students expected to have the right to learn.  Our Core Values of Courage, Persistence and Respect (CPR) emphasise our commitment to the holistic, academic, physical, emotional and spiritual development of each child.

God, in His wisdom, has given the responsibility of raising children to parents (a mother and a father), not to schools, not to Governments. Each child is special and unique with their own personality, abilities and interests and as such we believe we need to partner with the home in bringing a level of professional knowledge and expertise to the wisdom and experience of the home. Regular, positive communication is the key to this. If there are open lines for discussion and dialogue concerning between the home and the school then we all benefit. For this reason I encourage our staff and parents to seek effective ways of building and maintaining open lines of communication.

If you are considering enrolling your child, or would just like to know more, I encourage you to contact our receptionist and arrange for an enrolment pack to be mailed to you.

Katie Greenhalgh

Principal - Primary School


College Board

The major duties of the Board include:

To govern the College.

The Board has the authority when it meets to make decisions on behalf of the College.

The Board provides the vision of providing an education of high academic standard that draws it interpretive framework from the Christian faith.

To appoint Christian staff to the College.

To appoint an Auditor to audit the accounts of the College each year.


The Board consists of:

Executive Chairman

Mr Mike Smith


Mr Darren Smith


Mrs Wendy Taylor

Board Member

Mr David Darling

Board Member

Mr Warick Smith

Board Member Mr Justin Hearn








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