Primary Inter-House Athletics Results

Year 1 Boys

Gold:  Isaiah Williams

Silver:Hayden Reardon

Bronze:Rylee Nixon


Year 1 Girls

Gold:Lily-Grace Benham

Silver: Mairead Battaglia

Bronze:Aaliyah Levison, Olivia Hart, Kayleigh Watson


Year 2 Boys

Gold:Nate Hines

Silver: Judd Williams

Bronze:Jai Decampi


Year 2 Girls

Gold: Alyssa Birch, Blaise Veljacich,

Amalie Jean Calicdan

Silver:Elexi Waldron

Bronze:Evelyn Bocos


Year 3 Boys

Gold: Tayte Elson

Silver: James Morton

Bronze:  Jye Van Nus, Oscar Ripley


Year 3 Girls

Gold:Chloe Strobl

Silver: Samantha Samuels

Bronze:Sienna Del Toro


Year 4 Boys

Gold: Mitchell Van Nus

Silver: Kai Raina Walker

Bronze:Aaron Hill

Year 4 Girls

Gold: Abby Kennington, Evie Cowcher

Silver: Asha Cowcher

Bronze:Hanee McEwen


Year 5 Boys

Gold: Hudson Bryant

Silver: Riley Plenderleith

Bronze:Oliver Caldwell


Year 5 Girls

Gold: Jorjah Ter Horst

Silver:Tamara Stewart

Bronze:Chanine Coetzee


Year 6 Boys

Gold: Lachlan Venables

Silver: Degan Henare

Bronze:Hayden Matthews


Year 6 Girls

Gold: Jade Badenhorst 

Silver: Annelise Clark

Bronze:Macy Cowcher





Silver Sandshoe - Sportsmanship Award




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