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College Open Morning

Prospective families are invited to come and see Austin Cove Baptist College in action! 
Join us on any of the following dates for an insightful College tour and the chance to meet with Principals and staff:
Tuesday, 19 June 2018
Thursday, 9 August 2018
Thursday, 11 October 2018
Call 9537 7177 (Primary) / 9520 8200 (Secondary) now to book your place.

2018 Fair and Open Day

The California Crescent campus was recently open  to all for the inaugural March School Fair and Open day. The event was fun for all and was followed by a free outdoor movie.


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Practical Skills Block Official Opening

It was an exciting day in the history of the college as the Practical Skills Block at Austin Cove Baptist College was recently declared open by Federal Member for Canning Andrew Hastie at a ceremony attended by students, parents, and visiting dignitaries.


Indoor Sports Facility

There's an excited buzz about the college as we undergo yet another growth spurt. The new Indoor Sports Facility is rapidly taking shape and will soon become an amazing amenity for both the college and community.



Educational Excellence

Primary Goings On

Artist of the Fortnight

Hi my name is Tahlia Campbell.

I’m in Year 5V and my teacher is Mr Lee. I started at ACBC in Year 4, the first week of Term Two in 2017. Before that I was at St Josephs Primary.

When I am older I would like to become a Veterinarian. My Favourite animals are ponies.

Outside of school I like to draw and watch TV. Outside I enjoy playing with my dog, Bobby.

At school I really enjoy Mrs Orr’s Art lessons and ICT.

My favourite colour is Purple, but I don’t know why - I just love it.

Principal’s Comment: Because it’s a Dockers Colour!!!


Pancake Friday

Thank you to everyone who participated in Pancake Day on Friday, 16 February. Mr Newby, the Year 6 Captains, Ms Templeman Twells and Mr Haugh spent the morning cooking pancakes and serving them to the classes. Mr Newby’s comment was how well the Captains worked together and served the school pancakes all morning. He was very impressed with their work effort.

We celebrate Pancake Day as a school to commemorate Shrove Tuesday, the start of the Lent period in the lead up to Easter.